CCC Kid’s 07.25.2021

Hey Families! Here is this weeks worship guide for helping your kids have their own learning time during the message portion of our online services. This guide includes how to prep before the service goes live as well as all the links to download activity sheets and watch this weeks video put on by our very own teachers! You can also choose to watch this video with your kids at a different time and discuss. Some families have found this to work better. We hope this is a blessing to you as we continue to navigate how to best serve our families in this way!

Before service begins:


At the start of service:

  • Have your children with you at the start of service to participate in worship.
  • During the greeting time, get your children situation in designated area and press play on Children’s Church video.
  • Remind them that this is a time for sitting and listening.
  • Instruct children to quietly begin working on the activity page once the video has ended.

At the end of service:

  • Engage your children about what they learned in Children’s Church.
  • Use questions on the activity page to help foster discussion.
  • Discuss the ice breaker question with your children.
  • Close out “church” with praying together as a family.